Brandenburg has developed VIPERTMII to offer insect control for commercial premises, which require efficient products at a competitive price. The new VIPERTMII range has been designed and built to the highest standards and all units carry international safety certification.

All models are fitted with two 15 Watt UV-A lamps, which ensure optimum attraction to flying insects. Once attracted to the unit the insect is hygienically and securely trapped onto a glue board or in the case of the high voltage model, electrocuted and safely collected in the deep catch tray.

The new VIPERTMII has been made easier to service, can be either wall mounted, suspended or free standing and is available as a high voltage killer or catcher unit with an IEC or *Hard-wired connection upon request


The OPTICA 180 unit brings together the latest developments in translucent materials technology and the stylish and enduring lines of classic design to give the optimum in 180 degree UV transmission and assured flying insect control.

It is the ideal solution for every customer location from hotels and restaurants to retail and food-handling premises where the presence of flying insects presents a risk to staff and customer health, finished goods quality or reputation and customer return rates.

OPTICA 180 utilises all the advantages of proven Uva attraction and a silent and out of sight glue-board system to enhance the benefits of Translucent Technology and slim-profi le unit design in transmitting the optimum values of UV intensity and creating an ‘all-round’ UV footprint in the targeted area. Single unit wall-mounted installation, 3x15 watt or 3x25 watt UV tube options and a twin unit back-to-back suspended mode then give the widest range of UV output available in a unit of this size and maximise insect attraction in every situation e.g. performance testing in real customer locations has shown OPTICA 180 to be highly effective against Fruit Fly (drosophila spp.)


CobraTM has been designed and developed to enable us to offer the most efficient glue board insect control system available.  The new & innovative translucent technology incorporated in the CobraTM enhances the UV light intensity compared to similar types of units. This unique UV dispersing technology allows the light to shine from the front, top and sides covering large areas and thus increasing the fly catch – even for small flies.

The two specially formulated control boards ensure that once inside the insects are permanently trapped. The CobraTM glue boards have a huge 1400 sq cms (216 sq ins.) of insect retaining area which can be changed both quickly and easily.  The large insect retaining area makes it ideal for heavily infested premises, as it needs to be replaced less frequently. During independent testing CobraTM Translucent has proved to be the most effective product within its class and has consistently outperformed other units with more than twice the light output.


Vector®Classic® is a low voltage insect light trap (ILT) that captures flying insects in a totally unique manner by utilizing innovative and revolutionary electronic pulse technology known as J-Tronics*. 

As flying insects descend on the reflective grid found behind the two 15-watt lamps, a one-second low voltage pulse at eight-second intervals cause’s insects to fly directly into the hidden, non-toxic glue board. The captured insects remain intact, allowing for easy identification and disposal. 

The Vector®Classic® is designed to work silently, minimise disturbance and effectively control flies while sensitive accounts are in operation. The strategically placed glue board captures flies and hides them from public view. The Vector®Classic® is a perfect choice for food processing plants, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants and hotels.  This unit remains a leader in the industry today.


The Vector® PlasmaTM has been developed as one of the brightest traps on the market with the quickest catch rate. Customer tolerances for pest problems are diminishing and their demands for immediate results are increasing. Tests show the Vector® PlasmaTM has the quickest catch rate than any other fly traps of its kind.

Engineered with the latest technology incorporating electronic ballast and featuring two 36-watt bulbs. This technology increases the level of UV, ensures a faster flicker free insect catch and reduces energy costs when comparing it to similar traps in the market place.

Flies quickly detect the high levels of UV and head straight for the discreetly placed glue boards behind the attractively designed screen panel. The Vector® PlasmaTM is an ideal trap for use in both sensitive customers and those with heavy fly pressure. These customers will appreciate the quick catch stemming from the high UV output (72 watts) and will see quick relief and reap the benefits of two high capacity glue boards.


Discreet:Silent Safe Effective Insect Control Vector Discreet incorporates the latest translucent technology to ensure a discreet fly catch. Vector Discreet has been designed to be used in sensitive places, such as bars, restaurants, receptions and public places where it will offer safe and silent insect control. Vector Discreet allows insect control units to be used in areas where both public image and hygiene are important.

Vector Discreet works using proven UV-A light to attract insects and specially formulated glue boards to ensure safe, fast and effective insect entrapment. Extensive research has shown that both shape and colour determine the number of insects attracted. The results of this research have been incorporated within the Discreet design to ensure optimum performance. In addition, the Vector Discreet lens cover uses patented Translucent Technology to attain the highest possible performance levels.

Vector Discreet incorporates the latest design innovations alongside the best-proven technology to create a product, which is uniquely different and highly effective.


The LiberatorTM is a range of insect control systems specifically designed to offer insect control for food processing applications.

The development of this range focused upon excellent design and quality with the primary emphasis placed upon achieving optimum performance and maximum reliability. All products are certified to meet worldwide safety regulations.

The Liberator is one of the quickest and easy to service insect light traps on the market. The units are very economical to run, are available in either white or stainless steel, and can be both wall mounted or suspended. Additionally the units are available with jet proof options for use in the toughest environments.

The insects are attracted to the unit by 4 x 15w UV-A lamps. Here the insects become permanently trapped on a specially formulated glue board or alternatively the insect comes into contact with the high voltage grid, is electrocuted, and falls safely into the deep catchment tray.

ECLIPSE is the result of the fusion of design-led development, the very latest advances in Uva transmission technology and customer-driven demand for a unit to bring effective control of flying insects to the most sensitive public areas.

ECLIPSE complements any décor and lighting scheme and even offers a range of different fascia colour and finish options to ensure it will enhance any existing room colour choices.

It also features integral soft-ambience LED visible light output that can supplement the lighting scheme in its chosen location and together with silent operation and the totally out of sight insect catch system, further disguise its proven control capability. In every way, ECLIPSE is the realisation of modern, discreet and effective flying insect control.


The Sabre is a uniquely stylish tabletop insect control unit suitable for the home, office or restaurant. Utilising the scientifically proven power of ultraviolet light to attract flying insects the Sabre uses a specially formulated glue board to retain insects for disposal.

The unit is fitted with a cool running 9W compact fluorescent bulb that is easily changed. In addition, the shade is designed either in elegant polished stainless steel or from a patented translucent material that is both light enhancing and stable under UV light.

There is simply no more stylish product around and best of all it is backed by the Brandenburg reputation for high performance flying insect control performance.

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